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Available at ... Notes_v2.3

BlenderLuxCore major new features

Support for all new features mentioned above, with the exception of BAKECPU engine and glTF support
Accelerated export of instances and particles (in a scene with 100,000 particles: from 33 seconds in v2.2 to 1.3 seconds total export time in v2.3)
BlendLuxCore can now read some basic Cycles world and light settings. For more info see ... issues/272
More physically based light units (lumen, candela) and an artist-friendly mode with gain and exposure controls
OpenVDB node, allows to use OpenVDB files from other applications than Blender
New TimeInfo node
Image sequence support
New "exclude from render" flag for objects, to make it possible to have them visible in other render engines but invisible in LuxCore
Sun lights are now by default invisible to indirect specular rays when using the Path engine, because these paths would only generate fireflies anyway
Allow values > 1 in disney sheen parameter
Support for environment light cache and direct light cache persistent file (for camera fly-through animations)
Added option to normalize distant light (enabled by default)

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